> Product

16″ Diameter Offshore Gas Pipeline Infrastructure spanning 14 KM from Pemping Island to Tanjung Uncang – Batam Island, Indonesia with capacity of carrying 125 MMSCF (125.000 MMBTU) of gas per day.

> Market Driver

Being the only gate way and means of transportation of gas from Natuna Island to Batam Island, Indonesia.

> Target Market

  • Captive Market : From PLNB and UBE =55.000 MMBTU per day for the next 10 years.
  • Potensial Market : From KEPRI, PGN, PERTAMINA expansion of PGN as well as any company who owns Gas Sales Agreement.

> Value Proposition To Client :

Gas from pipeline is one of the cheapest source of energy as compared to Diesel, Gasoline or even Coal.

The gas pipeline is the only means of transportation or infrasctructure that can carry the gas from huge reserved gas fields in Natuna Island to Riau Islands, Indonesia through Batam, in order to boost the overall Economic Development not only in Batam but also through out Riau Islands.

> Distribution Model :

The potential market other than the captive market will be dealt through open access tariff (Toll Fee) that will be determined by BPH Migas.